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Bottega Veneta brand is for people who are recognizable by initials. Founded in 1996 in Vicenza (Italy) by a pair of Vittorio and Laura Prayer as a family business of products made of leather, a small house of fashion could build its reputation among the rich people of the 1970s exclusively with the help of delightfully soft handbags. With their characteristic weaving – intrecciato – the models did not boast of a logo and were defined only by the hidden seal inside the bag.

In 2001, when the Gucci Group bought a brand and appointed Thomas Mayer as creative director, who used to work for Hermès, Bottega Veneta has restored its significance, which led to the take-off.

At the time of his debut in the spring of 2002, Mayer strengthened the reputation of Bottega Veneta as a brand of restrained luxury – what critics called “a hidden sign of wealth in the 21st century.” From pantsuits to romantic evening dresses, women’s designs of Mayer’s have been reliably strengthened at the traditional aesthetics of Bottega Veneta: simple, precious, invariably elegant. Accessories, also under the guidance of Mayer, never leave the main scene, although today’s intrecciato weave is slightly different from the classical, showing a variety of colors and materials, such as oxidized leather or dyed skin of a lizard.

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