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ETRO is an Italian luxury clothing brand, in the collections of which is shown a real designer magic. ETRO erects ironic, bright and bold things in the rank of real art.

Since 1981 and to this day the symbol of the brand is pattern “paisley”, which is the founder of the brand Gerolamo Etro brought from his beloved India, where he saw cashmere with so-called “cucumbers”. Since then, this borrowing from the Eastern tradition is differently interpreted in the creative laboratories of the brand and is an indispensable element of all collections. The classic pattern is painted in unusual colors, “imprinted” in lunar traces sprayed crystal “drizzle” embroidery, cut into pieces, then filled into the plastic.

The main focus is on the original patterns and new non-standard color combinations, but at the same time with observance of old traditions. When looking at some models, it immediately stands out unthinkable bright colors, combined absolutely everything: lines, stripes, flowers, cells, scenic paintings in the spirit of pop art, embroidery and appliqué.

ETRO also produces bags, suitcases, shoes and furniture and home accessories.

Address: 140A Al-Farabi Ave, Villa Boutiques and Restaurants, Almaty, Tel: +7 727 315 ​​40 11.

Working hours:
Mon – Sat 10.00 — 22.00
Sun 10.00 — 20.00