About Shop

“Lui Lei” boutique is the most theatrical and bohemian boutique dedicated to family shopping. As if you were behind the scenes and you can try on any character from “princess” to “neighbor’s girl”, try out any style from daily to ethnic and conceptual.

The boutique impresses with elegance, chic and individuality of collections from American, Italian, French and Lebanese designers. The boutique presents the most exclusive selection of evening dresses from many famous designers.

In “Lui Lei” boutique you can find the most trendy and fashionable, feminine and luxurious brands collections, footwear, accessories. Styles and directions – for every taste and age.

Adress: at the intersection of Timiriazev st. and Seifulin st., RC «Keremet» 3B, Almaty
Tel.: +7 727 315 10 06
Working hours: 10.00 — 20.00.