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The main emphasis Tom Ford brand makes on classic style – monocolour, severity of lines and free cut. Mr. Ford also adheres the same approach at the modeling of shoes. But the most important distinguishing features of the Tom Ford brand is the exclusivity of each product, the individuality of tailoring for a specific person with the fulfillment of all his/her wishes and requirements. Numerous workshops with high-class craftsmen sew suits, shirts, sports suits and shoes to order, and before starting work on creating a model, we take into account everything – the appearance of the client, his image, the scope of activities, the character and image life. In light of these factors is taken the choice of colors, type of fabrics, details of finishing and the possibility of the presence of accessories.

Address: 140A Al-Farabi Ave, Villa Boutiques and Restaurants, Almaty, Tel: +7 727 315 ​​88 67.

Working hours:
Mon – Sat 10.00 — 22.00
Sun 10.00 — 20.00